Day of Judgement- 5:15 pm

I just got back from Regionals. Qualified for states (top 4 in region) in all of my races! I’ve never managed that before:) 2nd in the 4x800 relay, 4th in the mile (out of 28), 2nd in the 800 (out of 32 girls), and 2nd in the 4x400 (of 10 teams.)


VERA KEIFER, THAT WAS AN INCREDIBLE 800 my love:) Amanda’s mile, Breanna’s 400 leg, JOEY’S 1.57 800, etc. I’m so incredibly happy, even more for them than for me because states in individual events is a new thing for some of them. I wanted to cry when I saw Vera about to cry. Congratz BA

Vera and I spent about a half hour looking up the 9 levels of hell, according to Dante, in regards to what would happen to us after said “rapture” (that will presumably be occurring in exactly 43 minutes, eastern time). We determined that there is a 10th level of hell, and the 10th level is to eternally run the 800. Every one of us agreed that we’d take the level in which demons dismember you as you walk in a circle, only to be regenerated and re-dismembered, over the eternal 800. Yes, we would choose being dismembered for eternity over the half mile.

 #Things that a non-track runner would NOT understand.

  1. veryolivia said: so excited for 6:01 pm, when no one is floating into the sky, and there isn’t a worldwide earthquake occurring. i’ll be watching castle and laughing.

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